Each of the pieces shown are a one of a kind creation and may have sold. They do show you the type of wire sculpted jewelry I am known for.They are as individual as nature has created them herself! Contact me to arrange for your own custom piece of fine jewelry.
I love the color and variability of fused glass. I have wrapped this Pendant with the accompanying earrings in Sterling Silver The metalic portions reflect the light and brings your eye right to these pieces. What a fun set to wear. Sold seperately, the earrings and pendant are shown here so you may see how they complement each other. May be seen in Texas this winter and spring
9/11 Tribute to the Fallen
2004 Silver clad (incl silver
from Ground Zero)
Mariana Is.Commerative Coin
Wrapped in Sterling Silver
See the dust clouds in the
design, the twin spirals of the
smoke and the fractured
hearts representing
the broken lives. The
wire wrapped frame signifies
the border that was closed
in response to the  action
September 11, 2001.
"We will never forget!"
  Item # 911-b Pendant
"An Aggie for You"
Agate Pendant
Gold Filled Wire
"Seeing Spots Before My Eyes"
                                          Green Ocean Jasper wrapped
in Gold Filled Wire Pendant
"A journey begins with
but a single step"
This Jasper is wrapped
in Sterling Silver.
It reminded me of the
wonderful, and unexpected
turns our life's journey

"It's a Blue and Gold World!"

Blue and gold Tiger Eye
Gold Filled Wire Wrapped

Boulder Opal
This beautiful opal has been sold, but I have more, just waiting to be a part of your design!
OOOOO, a Bumblebee!
NEW !!!!! Bumblebee Jasper
captured in a Sterling Silver Cage!
This new stone is from Indonesia
and has outstanding color.
I have a limited supply of these

(The good news is, I was able to find more Bumblebee Jasper cabs in same size and can create a custom piece just for you! Call me and I will email photos.)
More BumbleBee Jasper from the hive! This piece was done in yellow gold-filled wire for a different look especially for a customer in Texas.
A beautiful  piece of petrified wood wrapped in 14 k Gold Filled Wire.
Millions of years old
Naturally beautiful

Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver, this pendant, with sterling wire earrings, is simply designed to echo the patterns of the fossil itself.
While this item has been sold, I do have another unwrapped at this time waiting for you to call and tell me what metal to wrap it in.
I have a set of Ammonite earrings, smaller version, that may be seen at the Art Works Gallery..
It almost has an inner glow!

This lovely Chrysoprase almost glows in the least amount of light, typical of the quality.of this gem grade stone.
I wrapped this pendant in gold filled wire and it does have matching earrings, priced seperately.

These wonderful pieces at but a small sampling of the creative precise wire jewelry that I specialize in. Talk with me to create yours. 
email me
Bumblebee Pendant Back
Sugalite Side View
From Russia with love! One of the rare deep purple specimans from Russia. I wrapped this elegant pendant in Gold Filled Wire to keep the price reasonable, but keep the look, color and feel of expensive gold. See both the front and side views here by holding your curser over the image. It measures 1.9" X .9 inches.
This item was featured on WireSculpture.com web site
Upcoming Works
I recently purchased a beautiful piece of Larimar with a couple of smaller matched pieces for earrings. Love that Carribean Blue! Would you like them wrapped in Silver or yellow or rose gold filled wire?
As long as I was having fun at the Rock and Mineral Show this spring, I found a piece of Boulder Opal that I really like and will be working on that this summer. Such fun!
I also introduced a new line of wire sculpted items at the Art Works Gallery in Sandpoint. It is my Forg N argentium silver (non-tarnish fine silver) and also copper  in necklace, earrings and bracelets. Am I having fun or what!
Custom Jewelry by
Bonnie DeHart
Ammonite Side View
Crazy Lace Agate
I loved the look of this wonderful stone, and followed the free-form design to create a stunning and fun pendant for a customer in Idaho. This was done in Sterling Silver wire.
Oh this is my new favorite piece! My husband cut and polished this awesome piece of Pietersite from South Africa. You can see the chatoyancy of the blue tiger eye, and gold tiger eye even in the photo. Toss in the incredible patterning which penetrates through to the back, and it becomes a once in a lifetime pendant. I worked this one in the rich yellow gold filled wire, again following the free-form swirls of the stone. I do have other pieces of Pietersite in my collection just waiting for a reason to wrap!
I am enjoying the versatility of forging copper. Making the cuff as you see here, pendant, leaf shaped items and others has really been rewarding.