I LOVE rocks! I have loved rocks since childhood and still cannot return home from a hike without a rock in my pockets. My husband and I cut and polished many of the stones I feature in my creations. Creating my first wire jewelry at the age of 9, I never forgot the thrill of seeing that  piece worn. Combining the two loves seemed only natural. I also use the stones in my beadwoven pieces, yet another passion, often combining the three styles in a single awesome piece!
Most of my pieces follow the classic wire wrapped style with my own design twists here and there. Since I am a real rock-lover, I do try to avoid covering the interesting patterns or colors of the natural rock with scrolls and flourishes. Instead I prefer to accent the rock's patterns or shapes in wire above or off to the side.
Wire has been used to wrap rocks or mementos such as special coins since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The popularity comes and goes for sure as do most styles, but never forgotton. Heritage pieces are handed down from generation to generation. These are not the pieces you see at garage sales, swap meets or in pawn shops. They are treasured and saved for the next generation. They do make a nice gift for that someone special. Recently a soldier came home from Iraq and asked that one of the rocks he brought home be made into a wire wrapped gift for his mom. I was honored to be chosen for that creation.
I custom design for IRV's Fine Jewelry and Lapidary Shop in Spokane Valley, Washington. I also custom design and create for the individual who wants a special piece of their own or as a gift.
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This beautiful banded Rhodochrosite is wrapped in Gold Filled Wire.

The Iraq Rock!
Custom Jewelry by
Bonnie DeHart